On the 12th of September 2009 the Club celebrated a history making day as all grades achieved premierships. The day was even more memorable due to the fortunate draw that saw all three teams play on the same ground in a triple header.

The B Grade went into their game as warm favourites while the A and C Grade were massive underdogs against opposition who had dominated the season.

Over a remarkable 6 hours of footy the Reds pulled off the unthinkable and took all three premiership cups home and one of the all time great celebrations began!

We have a 10 year reunion for this remarkable day coming up on Saturday 27th July 2019 at Park 9. All players are invited to join in under the Park 9 marquee with Past Players Day before heading back to The Hackney post game for acknowledgement of the side.

Red Red Red!

2009, Division 4 (A Grade)

12 September, Campbelltown Memorial Oval
PAOC 14-15 (99) defeated Christian Brothers College Old Collegians 13-11 (89)

Best: Mark J. Matheson, Benjamin D. Gazzola, George J.P. Choimes, James A. Dalwood, Daniel J. Fry
Goals: Mark A. Ricciuto 6, Benjamin D. Gazzola 5, Timothy M. Nicholls 2, Daniel J. Fry 1

Coach: David W. Marsh
Assistant Coach: David L. “Rocky” Butterworth
Captain: Andrew T. Phillips
Vice Captain: James R. Thomas
Team Manager: David C.C. Rees & Mark W. Jones
Runner: Bruce M. Noblett

Players: Luke D. Bates, Nicholas W.J. Blanch, George J.P. Choimes, James A. Dalwood, William N. Dalwood, Daniel J. Fry, Benjamin D. Gazzola, F. Alexander B. Greenslade, William C. Hugo, Nicholas H. Martin, Mark J. Matheson, Sebastian P. Moroney, Timothy M. Nicholls, Vaughan T. Noonan, Elliot K. Opie, Andrew T. Phillips, Nicholas J.C. Rees, Mark A. Ricciuto, Jason P. “Jase” Schell, James R. Thomas, Scot W. Tyndall, John R. Waltham

2009, Division 4 Reserves (B Grade)

12 September, Campbelltown Memorial Oval
PAOC 9-18 (72) defeated Pooraka 7-4 (46)

Best: Andrew C.F. Newbery, Nicholas J. Whetstone, Samuel T. Mader, Thomas J. Davies, Benjamin J. Mader
Goals: Thomas J. Davies 2, Benjamin J. Mader 2, Thomas G. Bell 1, Michael G. Dixon 1, Cameron P. Lynch 1, Justin M. Trim 1, Christopher J. Watson 1

Coach: Sean C. Tanner
Assistant Coach: Thomas J. Davies
Captain: Anthony J. Antonas
Vice Captain: Mark S. McGregor
Team Manager: Russell L. Stirling
Runner: Nicholas J. Girdler & Anthony J. Antonas

Players: Thomas G. Bell, Andrew D. Cooper, Thomas J. Davies, Matthew C. Dietman, Michael G. Dixon, Joseph H. Du Rieu, Grant England, Justin J. Green, Cameron P. Lynch, Benjamin J. Mader, Samuel T. Mader, Mark S. McGregor, Andrew C.F. Newbery, Nicholas J.E. Noblett, Hugh C. Perks, Thomas M. Perks, Ryan J. Ramsey, Timothy J. Sanders, Tyson R. Smith, Justin M. Trim, Christopher J. Watson, Nicholas J. Whetstone

2009, Division C4 (C Grade)

12 September, Campbelltown Memorial Oval
PAOC 7-12 (54) defeated Golden Grove 7-4 (46)

Best: Richard J. Denton, Philip P. Raptopoulos, Samuel R. Richardson, Adam N. Balnaves, Christopher D. Mitchell
Goals: Adam N. Balnaves 4, Ryan J. Winter 2, John P. Coop 1

Coach: Matthew M. Rechner
Assistant Coach: Marc J. Leopold
Captain: Nicholas P. Sanders
Vice Captain: Philip P. Raptopoulos
Team Manager: Andrew D. Heitmann
Runner: Marc J. Leopold & Bradley M. Simmons

Players: Adam N. Balnaves, Timothy P. Boucaut, Nicholas H. Brooks, Cormac F. Byrne, John P. Coop, Richard J. Denton, Alexander C. Dorsch, Seth R. Edwards, Joshua B. Erfurth, William B. Farminer, James W. Lange, Christopher D. Mitchell, Benjamin A.C.F. Newbery, Philip P. Raptopoulos, Matthew M. Rechner, Samuel R. Richardson, Daniel C. Romano, Micahel W. Sanders, Nicholas P. Sanders, Jarrod J. Sandow, Michael C.C. Siciliano, Christopher A.C. Spencer, James A.C. Spencer, James L. Thomas, Ryan J. Winter

(In season 2009 the SAAFL allowed all Division C Grade sides to field an extended bench of up to 7 players for all minor round and finals games, for a total of 25 players. All other grades remained the same; 21 minor round, 22 finals)

2009 A Grade Premiership Winning Side
2009 C Grade Premiership Winning Side
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