Dear player,

It’s time to get back on the horse Red Men.  Season 2013, whilst seemingly eons away will be with us shortly and the challenge of physically, mentally and socially preparing ourselves for an enjoyable season is here.

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Sanders as the clubs fitness and strength coach for 2013.  Tim is a well-known Old Red with a wealth of fitness knowledge and is keen to work closely with all players to build a solid fitness base for the upcoming season.

Pre-Season training will begin on Monday Dec 3rd at 6pm on the Schools main Oval.  Pre-Christmas sessions are as follows.

Mon 3rd, Wed 5th, Sat 8th
Mon 10th, Wed 12th, Sat 15th
Mon 17th, Wed 19th, Sat 22nd

Further announcements on new players and coaches will be made in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Preparation is always the key to a successful season and so pre Christmas training will focus on basic skills and conditioning. Given that there are only nine sessions before Christmas, and each session will be limited to 90minutes (maximum), training will focus on general football development.

These sessions before Christmas will provide an excellent opportunity to set a base for the demands of the season ahead. Remember: whenever a footballer (at any level) is commended on a terrific personal season they invariably reply with, “I had a solid, uninterrupted pre-season.”

I look forward to seeing you all at Training.

Yours truly,

Peter Walsh
0427 601 077
[email protected]

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