The Committee is pleased to announce the Senior coaching team for the 2015 season, The A grade coach will be Tom Martin, congratulations to Tom on his promotion from the B Grade Coaching role. Tom will be supported by A grade senior playing assistant coach Gavin Hughes (recently retired Norwood Premiership Player), B grade coach Matt Jackman and Director of coaching Troy McKinnon.
coach A   A few key points presented by Troy on behalf of the coaching team:

1. The simplest purpose of what we do is to play in the best competition. We are aggressively seeking to be the best amateur club in South Australia. Our immediate goal is to force our way into the division one competition. Obviously with grades A through to E, we also cater for players who simply enjoy playing socially.

2. To achieve our aims, we need to play a brand of football that matches the capacity of our playing group and is underpinned by what we value as players and people. This will give us genuine purpose.

3. Our brand of football needs to be built around what we value. We need to be deliberate in defining this and sharing it with all grades. Our game style will need to be deliberate and teachable. Above all it will be flexible. All game plans need to have contingencies. Mike Tyson said “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”…we need to be flexible in how we play.

4. Once we decide on our game style, we need to teach it and take time to build our ability to play it. This will take time and will require players to trust in Tom. This cannot be rushed, but it means that players need to tip in.

5. Our training habits need to match our game style. This particularly prudent in our higher grades. Trainings will be game-centred, challenge based (aspects of the game will be shaped and practiced at training) and designed to teach players how to play their role in the game style. We will bleed at training. Training will be intense but enjoyable. If it has no relevance to our game style we won’t be doing it. Simple.

6. Our leadership model will be framed around a devolved leadership style that is player focused. Coaches will be challenged to develop leaders who lean into challenges and become more visible in times of stress. We will not choose leaders, they will emerge. Over the course of the training week, the focus will shift from coaches to players. By Saturday, the team will be in the hands of players.

7. The club has shown that it wants to develop it’s own people. They have made a commitment to Tom. This augers well for anyone who wants to put some skin into the game. The true benefit of this will become apparent not immediately, but in the years to come.

8. Feedback is something that you have said you value, and our commitment is to give clear and achievable feedback to players.

Go Reds!
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