P.A.O.C.F.C. 2016 A and B grade squad March 2016

Training details:
– A & B Grade [Tuesday and Thursday]
– C & D Grade [Wednesday and Thursday]
– E & F Grade [Wednesday]

Further dates:
– A & B Grade Squad [18th March, Friday night session at Thebarton oval from 6pm. Swag required, dinner and breakfast supplied]
– A & B Grade [19th March, internal trial starts at 10:50AM]
– C, D, E & F Grade Trials [19th March from 9.10AM v University.

Other important information:
– Guernsey’s available at training $50 refundable (you will need a guernsey this weekend)
– Training kit available late this week only $50 when paid with subs.- Subs $240.
– Registration is open – Please register

Communication Care Responsibility Respect

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