Michael Siciliano – [email protected]

Vice Chairman

Tim Hall – [email protected]

Vice Chairman

Jim Parkinson –  [email protected]


Mary-Ann Standish – [email protected]


Angus Parkinson – [email protected]


Ryan Ramsey – [email protected]

Geoff Prest – [email protected]

Harry Barnes – [email protected]

Sam Duffield- [email protected]

Alex Davidson- [email protected]

Shane Roberts- [email protected]


The Committee has allocated members to look at specific portfolios. The allocation of these is below. Members are encouraged to contact Committee members with any queries for the portfolios they are allocated to:

Communications: Michael Siciliano, Harry Barnes, Mary-Ann Standish

Football Operations: Jim Parkinson, Alex Davidson, Shane Roberts, Sam Duffield

Non Player Social: Ryan Ramsey, Jim Parkinson, Michael Siciliano

Player Social: Alex Davidson, Angus Parkinson, Sam Duffield

Sponsorship: Harry Barnes, Tim Hall, Geoff Prest

Finances: Angus Parkinson, Geoff Prest, Ryan Ramsey

Park 9: Tim Hall, Ryan Ramsey

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