The 2018 season is not far away now and we are pleased to announce our coaching team and Committee for the year.

Coaching Team
We are excited to announce that Brett Backwell will be A Grade Coach for a third season. The side is looking extremely motivated on the track and Brett has them on track for a big season!

We are excited to announce some new blood in the coaching team at the lower levels with Harry Barnes and Angus Parkinson taking over the C Grade and Nick Rees taking over the D Grade. James Dalwood is continuing as B Grade Coach.

The Coaching teams are as follows:
A-Grade Brett Backwell (Coach) and Billy Neely (Assistant Coach)
B-Grade James Dalwood (Coach)
C-Grade Angus Parkinson (Coach), Harry Barnes (Coach) and Alex Politis (Assistant Coach)
D-Grade Nick Rees (Coach) and George Choimes (Assistant Coach)

The Committee also has a few new faces which is very exciting. We welcome on board Will Dalwood, Tim Latchford and Troy McKinnon.
The Committee for 2018 is as follows:
Chairman: Michael Siciliano
Vice Chairman: Jim Parkinson and Tim Hall
Treasurer: Angus Parkinson
Members: Will Dalwood, Troy McKinnon, Harry Barnes, Patrick Comerford, Duncan Clarke, Ryan Ramsey, Geoff Prest, Tim Latchford, Cameron Johnston and Shane Roberts.

Sponsorship Sub Committee
The Sponsorship sub committee is hard at work in the background preparing for the 2018 season. David Sanders and Richard Hockney have come on board to assist and we are appreciative of the time they have offered for this.

We have introduced below a Red pages guide which will be at the bottom of all emails. We encourage members to use this when they are looking for a specific business. Just click on the image below to be taken to the Club website and get the details on any business category you are after.

Support those who support the Reds!
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