Lot 1  Will Dalwood, Josh Hall, Tom Ricci  ( $260)

Lot 2  Hayden Jolly , Will Curyer, Chris Short ( $240)

Lot 3 Tom Bartlett, Tom Humphries, Jacob Davies ($200)

Lot 4 Drew Clayfield, Nick Clayfield, Simon Potts ($340)

Lot 5 Mitch Wicks, Tom Wicks, Ben Glover ( $0)

Lot 6 Nathan Krakouer, Wade Thompson, Any other B Grader ($0)

Lot 7 Tom Brinsley, Cam Pritchard, Albert Rasheed($140)

Lot 8 Cam Graetz, Alex McKenzie, George Treloar ($400)

Lot 9 Lachy McNamara, Ollie Collison, Will Hudson ($300)

Lot 10 Hamish Latchford, Jack Latchford, Brendan Papps ($200)

Lot 11 Adam Perryman, Amyas Ross, Chris Hannemann ($360)

Lot 12 Ollie Clarke, Tom Fisher, Chris Edmonds ($140)

Lot 13 Karl Siebels, Charlie Riggs, Ben Siebels, Mitch Brealey($160)

Lot 14 Brad Coles, Will Brennan, Luke Bartlett, Tom Gray($80)

Lot 15  Jack Lang, Ned Murdoch, Any other A Grader($0)


We have changed things up with the Any Other Player lots this season. In Lot 6, if any B Grader not listed above gets Best on Ground you receive a $50 dividend.


With Lot 15, if any player not listed above gets a dividend from an A Grade match then it’s all yours! Think any new recruits that may come along during the season.


Amounts in brackets after the player names represent the dividends from the first 3 rounds of the season. Lot 8 has $400 in the bank already!

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