No Round 13 Review last week, so here are the results;

A Grade
PAOC:  8-7  (55)
SPOC:  10-18  (78)
Best:  Ryan Byrne, Paul Rogan, Daniel Fry, Campbell Rawson, Timothy Nicholls
Goals:  Ryan Byrne 7, Sebastian Moroney 1
Another tough day at the footy for the Club with our playing stocks tested to the limit in all grades – and unfortunately the scoreboard had us finishing 2nd in every game!
However, on the back of last week, I thought this team gave everything and except for a poor 2nd term that really cost us the game we are showing we are not far off a win.  It was only a lack of fitness, which causes a few too many brain fades each quarter, that gave SPOC the edge it needed.
We restructured the forward line to allow our wings to play a bit deeper and this created a lot of space for Ryan Byrne who responded by kicking 7 of our 8 goals in a return to some very good form.  We missed a few opportunities in the 1st & 3rd quarters that would have kept us in touch and combine this with a very poor 2nd quarter it was easy to walk away thinking we were okay.
I was pleased with the attitude and enthusiasm of our newcomers Tom Teague, Ferg Kiley & Matt Rohde and none looked out of place at A grade level, and it was good to see further improvement from Luke Saltmarsh in just his 2nd game.  It is these types of blokes who are giving the Club reason to believe we are in safe hands and on the right path with our development of these players and the trust we are placing on their young shoulders.  We now need a disciplined, fierce & determined attitude from our older players for the next 5 weeks and I firmly believe we can win more than we lose – and maybe still play a big part in the finals.
Paul Rogan continues to offer a strong, tough target for us and we were also well led by first time Captain Jon Temme.  Dan Fry, Cam Rawson & Tim Nicholls all played well and I hope these 3 can continue to offer that form consistently over the remainder of the season.
The most important part of this rough patch is the determination of the group to keep training hard, listening to instruction and wanting to succeed.  This attitude will ensure we turn the corner and win – starting this Saturday!
Well done to the Legends, always good to see all the past players at the footy.

B Grade
PAOC:  4-3  (27)
SPOC:  13-7  (85)
Best:  Randall Lloyd, Thomas Perks, Philip Raptopoulos, Cormac Byrne, Joseph Du Rieu
Goals:  Daniel Romano 1, Cormac Byrne 1, Andrew Press 1, Aaron Richards 1
Report:  not submitted

C Grade
PAOC:  11-10  (76)
SPOC:  13-5  (83)
Best:  Josh Morrell, Matt Davis, Tom Haylock, Tim Sanders, Andrew Cooper
Goals:  John Waltham 5, Josh Morrell 2, Grant England 1, Michael Siciliano 1, Nick Girdler 1, Tom Booth 1
Report:  not submitted

D Grade
PAOC:  3-0  4-1  5-3  5-4  (34)
SHOC:  5-0  7-3  12-4  16-5  (101)
Best:  Max Burford, Will Ellison, Andrew Sykes, Alex Butenko, Jarrad Goulding
Goals:  Nick Brooks 3, Will Farminer 2
The 22 players in the D grade were asked to play with pride and take the game on.  Our effort was there all game but our ball use and control in the wet slippery condition was very poor.  Too many passes by foot and hand missed the mark by far too much and made it very easy for SHOC to clean up and move into their scoring zone.  Will Ellison and Max Burford worked very hard on their wings as did Andy Sykes in the middle.  We also had a couple of guys giving everything they had down back they were Alex Butenko and Matt Tothill.  Jarred Goulding put his big in body at every contest he was involved in to keep the ball in our forward area.  We must do lot better with the ball when we have it our control if we are to challenge the top sides in the finals.

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