The A, B and C grade have a great opportunity to go a long way into September, with that in mind Brett and James have named an updated Tuesday (and Thursday) night training squad. This squad has been named to give each team the best chance of success over the next 7 weeks… training together, playing together, being together.

If your name isn’t on this list you are to train on Wednesday and Thursday.

It is the club and coaches expectation that any player who wants to be part of September football will be on the track two nights a week from now and if you can’t you must let your coach know.

Ultimate success this season isn’t just going to happen, we must all be in it together.

Communication Care Responsibility Respect


1Alexander Sam
2Bartlett Luke
3Bartlett Tom
4Blanch Nick
5Brennan Will
6Brinsley Tom
7Burford Max
8Clarke Ollie
9Clayfield Drew
10Coles Brad
11Collison Ollie
12Crawford Lewis
13Curyer Will
14Dalwood Will
15Fisher Tom
16Graetz Justin
17Hall Josh
18Henderson Brodie
19Howe Nick
20Hudson Will
21Humphries Tom
22Jolly Hayden
23Latchford Hamish
24Latchford Jack
25Mader Sam
26Mantovan Issac
27Markou Theo
28McKenzie Alexander
29Murdoch Ned
30O’Donohue Ben
31Papps Brendan
32Pattiaratchi Nafyn
33Pearce Jeremy
34Perryman Adam
35Pitt Craig
36Pitt Jake
37Porter Hamish
38Pritchard Cam
39Rasheed Albert
40Rasheed Charlie 
41Ricci Tom
42Riggs Charlie
43Robinson Riley
44Siebels Ben
45Spanovskis Tomas
46Sumner Tom
47Thomas Jack
48Thompson Wade
49Tromans Ryan
50Waters Adam
51Wicks Mitch
52Wicks Tom
53Wildman Campbell
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