A grade be at Thebarton at 9.50, B grade be strapped and ready at 8.50.

All the lads that aren’t named please be at Greenacres – L.J. Lewis Oval Grand Junction Rd Northfield (the bottom of the 2 ovals) at 9.15am.

Please show Breals and Jack the respect they deserve and get out there for the 6 term trial, we will need everyone that is available to get there.

Remember the 1st game is 2 weeks Saturday and this is the last trial before the 1st game.
We do need boundary and goal umpires for the B grade and the Greenacres trials, please do your bit for your club.


A grade v Pembroke 10.50 Be at Thebbie at 9.50
1 Barnes T
2 Builder J
3 Clarke M
4 Crawford L
5 Curyer W
6 Dalwood J
7 Ellis N
8 Gazzola B
9 Graetz C
10 Holmes N
11 Hughes G
12 Hugo W
13 Manning A
14 McNamara
15 Morrell J
16 Morrell M
17 Potts S
18 Pritchard C
19 Siebels K
20 Tromans R
21 Wicks T


B grade v Pembroke 9.10 Be at Thebbie strapped and ready at 8.50
1 Artis K
2 Ashby T
3 Bartlett Luke
4 Blanch N
Braund N
6 Burford G
7 Burford M
8 Choimes G
9 Collison O
10 Graetz Josh
11 Latchford W
12 Maney B
13 Pearce J
14 Phillips M
15 Prest J
16 Ramsey N
17 Sanders B
18 Siebels B
19 Simpson T
20 Treloar G
21 Winter R
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