90 Years of PAOCFC Amateur League Football                         

A celebration attended by 140 past and current Club Members

Talk by Bill Johnson, past Captain, Coach, Life Member and Member of the Club’s Hall of Fame, presented on 29 April, 2016 at Gerard Lighting, Fullarton Rd, Rose Park                        

This record written two weeks before the 2016 A Grade Grand Final

During my oration on the occasion of the PAOCA Football Club’s ninetieth year celebration, I attempted to bring through to our younger members/players, “threads” that unite the past and the present. Being one of the “older” set, it is important to me that the “younger” set understand who they are, and what they should stand for. In particular, it is the School, PAC, which is at the basis of the whole deal, and this should never be overlooked.

Consequently, in first bringing the photo of the first team to take the field to represent our club in 1926, the following were highlighted:

  • The Captain was FL Collison, whose son Richard played for the Club in the 50s, whose grandson Guy played for the Club in the 80s, and whose great-grandsons are current members of our teams
  • Colin McKay – son Ian played for the Club in the 60s, and was a terrific Committee member, who in cohort with the late Ian Wallace, founded the great social event “Rock with the Reds”, which was an annual highlight of the Club’s social calendar
  • Clarrie Tideman – later he became the Treasurer for the SA Amateur league, a position he held for generations, and was the fore-runner to a number of Old Reds who served the League, ie

President Doug McKay

Secretary – Allan Statton

General Manager – John Leak

Board Member (Current) – Peter (Jimmy) Carter

  • Jack Parkinson – later became Mayor of Burnside. Son Peter was a member of the 1966 A2 Premiership side, then became A Grade Captain, followed by his son Jim, who played in the 80s and now one of the leading figures in the Club’s administration, and whose son (great-grandson of 1926 player Jack Parkinson) is a current player.

How about those for “threads” – THE REDS’ THREADS!!!

Secondly, on the occasion of the Club’s 90th, it was important to recognise the team that won the A2 Premiership in 1966, 50 years ago. I was able to congregate fifteen of those still living and introduce them to the gathering. Those who played in that Premiership included:

Grant Sims – Captain, centre half forward. Son Philip Sims was Club Captain 1994-98

Grant Stephens – son of JEC Stephens (Hone Medallist in 1937). Grant kicked 4 goals in the 1966 Grand Final

Peter Parkinson – father of Jim. Has grandson currently playing. Was A grade captain 1968-69. Great Club man. Came all the way from Queensland to attend.

Tony Cranston – also great Club man.

Ian Ide – All Australian, our centre half back, gave the team great “spine”.

Des Windebank (attended from Victoria) and Vern Drew – made an impregnable half back line with Ian Ide

David Johnston – fast winger, capable of breaking through lines

Billy Tasker – classy half forward, came all the way from WA for the function

David Wagner – burly, tough, no beg your pardons

Deane Treloar – gutsy rover, played more games for the Club than anyone else

Ron Ellis – Back pocket, reliable, came from the South-East for the function

John Deslandes – highly skilled centre half forward

Bill Johnson

Apologies received from Bill Lodge (Queensland), Mark Skinner (NSW), Brougham Clarke (ACT) and Ian Wallace (since deceased).

Deceased – Mark Woolacott, David Stone

The gap between A2 Premierships was 49 years. Maybe year 2016 will bring the Club’s first A1 Premiership. Our “threads” will really be jumping then!!!

Thirdly, I was able to arrange for Dr John Bundy, a fit looking 92 year old, to attend the function. John played in the Club’s 1946 A2 Premiership Team after the recess for the war years, 70 years ago. John was born in 1923, three years before the founding of the Club. He was captain of the School in 1941, vice-captain of the first eighteen where he was known as a “fast and determined ruckman”, and vice-captain of athletics. In 1973, John was President of the Old Scholar’s Association. In attending our 90th celebration event, John was accompanied by his son Bill, also a past player of the Club. Just another ”Red Thread”!

Bill Johnson