Awarded to the best PAOCA player in the annual Old Scholars Intercol (Alan W. Crompton Cup) match against SPCA.

Awarded for the first time in 1999, it is named after Leighton Allen Williams (PAC 1937-43) who passed away 31 July 1999 aged 73.  He played 24 seasons for the Club from 1948 to 1971 for a total of 353 games.  His A Grade career at the Club was extensive; captaining (1951-54) the side, playing in two premierships (1951 & 58) and also coaching (1954, 71 & 72) the side to a premiership (1972).

1999     Ian C.C. Steel
2000     Simon J. Treloar
2001     no award
2002     Justin M. Trim
2003     Sean C. Tanner
2004     ?
2005     Justin S. Munt
2006     ?
2007     Christopher D. Stewart
2008     Nicholas J.C. Rees
2009     Nicholas J.C. Rees
2010     Philip W. Cleggett
2011     Ryan B. Byrne
2012     no match played
2013     no match played
2014     no award (trial played not recognised as an official match)
2015     Benjamin D. Gazzola
2016     no match played
2017     Cameron D. Graetz
2018     Adam R. Perryman
2019     Bradley S. Coles
2020     Thomas D.S. Bartlett
2021     Jack K. Trengove

If there are any errors or you can confirm any of the missing winners, first names and missing initials, please contact Andrew Heitmann via email: [email protected]