For most best and fairest votes across more than one grade.

Awarded for the first time in 1995, it is named after Ron M. Carter who retired at the end of the 1997 season having been the head trainer for a number of years.  He originally came to the Club as the A Grade and Club Coach in 1973.  His coaching career at the Club was extensive; 1973 & 74 (A’s, B’s, C’s & D’s), 1975 (A’s Assistant, B’s, C’s & D’s), 1976 (A’s), 1977 (B’s & C’s), 1978-80 (B’s) and included coaching the B Grade premiership sides in 1977 & 78.

1995     Jock Duncan
1996     ?
1997     ?
1998     David H.F.K. Waltham
1999     John R. Waltham
2000     Mark P. Tucker
2001     Spiros Halikis
2002     Benjamin R. Nash
2003     Anthony B. Allen
2004     Scott M. Holmes
2005     Mark S. McGregor
2006     David J. Williams
2007     Cameron G. Garry
2008     Thomas P. Booth
2009     Philip P. Raptopoulos
2010     Jack J. Kelly
2011     Thomas G. Teague
2012     Timothy J. Sanders
2013     Timothy J. Sanders
2014     Justin C. Graetz
2015     Benjamin J. Young
2016     William J.H. Curyer
2017     Thomas J. Ricci
2018     George J.P. Choimes
2019     Samuel T. Alexander
2020     Benjamin T.J. Siebels
2021     Willoughby E. Clarke

If there are any errors or you can confirm the first year of the award, any of the missing winners, first names and missing initials, please contact Andrew Heitmann via email: [email protected]