2008, Division C4 (C Grade)

13 September, Blair Athol Reserve
PAOC 6-10 (46) defeated Mitcham 6-5 (41)

Best: ?
Goals: ?

Coach: Sean C. Tanner
Assitant Coach: Thomas J. Davies
Captain: David B. Walker
Vice Captain: John P. Coop
Team Manager: Andrew D. Heitmann
Runner: ?

Players: Adam N. Balnaves, Thomas P. Booth, Thomas J. Davies, Matthew L. Davis, Hugh F. Denton, Seth R. Edwards, Aaron M. Garry, Daniel T. Killey, James K. May, Christopher D. Mitchell, Ryan J. Ramsey, Philip P. Raptopoulos, Matthew M. Rechner, Daniel C. Romano, Michael W. Sanders, Nicholas P. Sanders, Michael C.C. Siciliano, Bradley M. Simmons, Sean C. Tanner, James L. Thomas, David B. Walker, Thomas M. West

If there are any errors or you can provide confirmation of grand final dates, oval names, first names and missing initials, please contact Andrew Heitmann on (08) 8462 1126 or via email: [email protected]