2010, Division C3 (C Grade)

11 September, St Marys “Panther” Park
PAOC 21-12 (138) defeated Para Hills 3-3 (21)

Best: “all played well”
Goals: Benjamin D. Gazzola 6, Justin M. Trim 4, Cormac F. Byrne 2, Benjamin J. Mader 2, Thomas P. Booth 1, Maximillian T. Clarke 1, Thomas J. Davies 1, Joseph H. Du Rieu 1, Aaron W. Richards 1, Tyson R. Smith 1, Sean C. Tanner 1

Coach: Matthew M. Rechner
Assistant Coach: Marc J. Leopold
Captain: Philip P. Raptopoulos
Co-Vice Captains: Nicholas P. Sanders, Christopher D. Mitchell & Grant England
Team Manager: Peter D. Kerin
Runner: Marc J. Leopold & Jason H.M. Cosgrove

Players: James A. Admiraal, Thomas P. Booth, Oliver T. Brecht, Cormac F. Byrne, Maximillian T. Clarke, Andrew D. Cooper, Thomas J. Davies, Richard J. Denton, Joseph H. Du Rieu, Benjamin D. Gazzola, Ryan T. George, Brandon T. Kerin, Benjamin J. Mader, Mark S, McGregor, Benjamin M.O. Pearce, Hugh C. Perks, Philip P. Raptopoulos, Matthew M. Rechner, Aaron W. Richards, Nicholas P. Sanders, Tyson R. Smith, Sean C. Tanner, David C. Treloar, Justin M. Trim, Andrew D. Warren

(In season 2009 the SAAFL allowed all Division C Grade sides to field an extended bench of up to 7 players for all minor round and finals games, for a total of 25 players. All other grades remained the same; 21 minor round, 22 finals)

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