2016, Division 7 Reserves (E Grade)

3 September, Alberton Oval
PAOC 12-9 (81) defeated St Paul’s Old Scholars 3-6 (24)

             Q1   Q2     Q3     Q4    Tot
PAOC   3-2   6-4   11-4   12-9    81
SPOS    0-2   0-5    1-5     3-6     24

Best: Cameron G. Burfield, Thomas C. Burfield, Nicholas H. Martin, Thomas S.J. Vasileff, Alexander E. Glover, Alfred W. “Alfie” Brown
Goals: Cameron G. Burfield 3, Nicholas H. Martin 3, Thomas S.J. Vasileff 2, Thomas C. Burfield 1, Benjamin Vidic 1, Lucas R. Lovell 1, Thomas J. Simpson 1

Coach: David W. Marsh
Assistant Coaches: Geoffrey R. Prest & Boris T. Vidic
Captain: Nicholas C.G. Pemberton
Vice Captain: Michael C.C. Siciliano
Deputy Vice Captain: Alfred W. “Alfie” Brown
Team Managers: Michael C.C. Siciliano & Geoffrey R. Prest
Runner: James Katsaros

Players: Todd J. Alexander, Jack M. Bailey, Alfred W. “Alfie” Brown (Acting Vice Captain), Cameron G. Burfield, Thomas C. Burfield, Cameron A. Burnett, Marcus J. Butler, Hugo D. Chapman, William H. Ellison, Alexander E. Glover, Hiran L. Lecamwasam, Lucas R. Lovell, Randall C. Lloyd, Nicholas H. Martin, Charles K. Olsson, Darcy Pittman, Paul Russo, Michael W. Sanders, Michael C.C. Siciliano (Acting Captain), Thomas J. Simpson, Thomas S.J. Vasileff, Benjamin A. Vidic, Andrew D. White, Fergus R. Willsmore, William G.B. Wood

If there are any errors or you can provide confirmation of grand final dates, oval names, first names and missing initials, please contact Andrew Heitmann via email: [email protected]