The following individuals were selected in the SAAFL State Team(s).

1927     Howard J. Manuel
1928     Norman A. Walsh
1929     Alfred G.C. Waldeck
1931     Mervyn W. Evans
             Arthur G. Waldeck (Vice Captain)
             Jack N.T. Woods
1932     Mervyn W. Evans
1933     Arthur L. Bradshaw
1934     Mervyn W. Evans
1936     John E.C. Stephens
1937     Arthur W.G. Dawkins
             John E.C. Stephens
             Ivan R. “Dick” Ward
1938     Arthur W.G. Dawkins
1939     Arthur W.G. Dawkins
             Ron Hand
             Lindsay Mills
1947     Bruce J. Downing
1948     Bruce J. Downing
             Owen H. Price
1949     Doug H. Sanders
1953     Don L. Davies
             Peter Hill
             Owen H. Price
1954     Don L. Davies
             Peter Hill
1956     Michael R. Wundke
1959     Peter Butcher
             Robert J. Gibbs
             M. Dean Perrott
             Robert N. Skinner
1960     William M. “Bill” Johnson
             Robert N. Skinner
1961     Grantley W. Sims
1965     Mark H. Skinner
1967     John R. Deslandes
             C. Vernon “Vern” Drew
1968     Ian D. Ide
1969     Ian D. Ide
1970     Ian D. Ide
1983     Roderick K. Hann
             Stephen D. Kennett
             John S. “Jack” Prest
             Martin J. Webber
             David W. Marsh (Coach)
1984     Ian L. Hewett
             Donald C. Stephens
             Martin J. Webber
1985     Gary D. Parker (Vice Captain)
             Ian P. Willsmore
             David W. Marsh (Coach)
             James H. Parkinson (Assistant Team Manager)
             Geoffrey R. Prest (Selector/Runner)
1986     Gary D. Parker
             John S. “Jack” Prest
             Ian P. Willsmore
             James H. Parkinson (Assistant Team Manager)
             Geoffrey R. Prest (Selector/Runner) – record to be confirmed

[NB: in 1987 the A3-A6 State Representative side was formed]

1987     James H. Parkinson [A1-A2] – record to be confirmed
1988     Ian P. Willsmore [A1-A2]
1994     Todd C. Ferguson [A1-A2]
1995     Todd C. Ferguson [A1-A2]
1997     Thomas P. Martin [D3-D6]
             Anthony R. Moyse [D3-D6]
             Philip E. Sims [D3-D6]
             Sean C. Tanner [D3-D6]
2000     Thomas C. Waltham [D1-D2]
             John R. Waltham [D3-D6]

[NB: in 2005 the SAAFL changed the State Representative sides to an U/23 side]

2011     Simon J. Goss [U/23]
2014     Karl P.H. Siebels [U/23]
2015     Karl P.H. Siebels [U/23]

[NB: in 2016 the SAAFL changed the State Representative side back to open age]

2016     Thomas D.S. Bartlett (Vice Captain)
             Brock A. Castree
             William N. Dalwood
             Adam R. Perryman
2019     Oliver D. Clarke
           William N. Dalwood
           Hayden P. Jolly
           Craig D. Pitt
           Jake D. Pitt
           Brett W. Backwell (Coach)

If there are any errors or you can provide confirmation of first names and missing initials, please contact Andrew Heitmann via email: [email protected]