Major Announcement 6: We have achieved $10,000! Big thank you to all those who have donated! Below are some words from JR and Beth for the community:
Dear Friends and PAOCFC community members,
First and foremost, I want to let you all know that Beth and myself are truly shocked and amazed at the level of support we have received over the last 2 months. It is something that we find a little embarrassing but are truly humbled and sincerely grateful to no end. This support is something that has allowed Beth and I get our heads around Eddies diagnosis, and provided us with the help needed to start a fight we never thought we would need to fight.
I feel it is prudent to let everyone know where their support and fundraising will help us throughout the next 18 months:
Assist with the cost of ongoing medication- During the treatment process, there are specific take home medications that are targeted towards her cancer and overall health position. This will vary depending on her treatment cycle and will be a daily occurrence from here on in.
• Assist with funding targeted treatment- Eddie’s cancer will require targeted treatment towards her specific cancer type and other treatments to assist with her health situation. These targeted treatments will help boost her chances of successfully beating this.
• Allow Beth to provide full time care- Eddie will be receiving her treatment as both an in-patient of the Michael Rice Centre (Women’s and Children’s Hospital) and as an out-patient from home. She will need around the clock care and as a result Beth has had to cease work. This funding will allow us to meet ongoing expenses of day to day living and provide us with the ability to keep Beth by her side for the treatment period.
• Help us with the ability to meet the indirect costs associated with situation- Little things such as ensuring the house is always heated to ensure Eddie does not get sick are very important and add up very quickly. In addition, the support of everyone will assist in allowing us to do things with Eddie to keep her in a good frame of mind and ensuring she can just be a 2 year old little girl.
The Reds community is one that has embraced myself, Beth, Eddie and Harry along the way and the reaction that we have received only strengthens our opinion that we, and all extended community members, are involved in a network that is truly extraordinary.
We will forever be in debt and sincerely, thank you.
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