Good Morning Old Reds,

Further to Michael’s correspondence, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Xmas and a happy and prosperous new year from all of us in the football department at the club.


As Michael mentioned the football committee has been working very hard to put the club in a position to have a real crack at a number of flags in 2014. We have had some great inclusions into the football committee, recruiting has been outstanding and Walshy and the coaching team have put together a gruelling preseason, so we will be ready come April 5.


We have planned 3 trials – an internal followed by games against Pembroke Old Scholars and the old enemy S.P.O.C. in the lead up to the 1st game.


In 2014 we are planning 2 business lunches, both at the Hackney Hotel.  The first will be unique – the first and last of its kind. It is the “P.A.O.C.F.C. 1st Adelaide Oval Showdown Lunch” on Friday 28th March.  This lunch promises to be equal to the outstanding “Rick Davies” lunch in 2013, not only are we celebrating the ”Adelaide Oval Showdown” but we will have Greg Ritchie, a world class orator, as our lead speaker as well as a very, very special guest. Details will follow early in the new year.


The second is the annual business lunch will be held late in the football season.  We are currently negotiating with a number of high quality speakers to ensure we live upto the extremely high standard set by Rick Davies in 2013.


Below are some important dates to put in your diaries:


·         January 13th Pre season starts

·         March 23rd Trial v Pembroke at Thebarton

·         March 28th 1st Adelaide Oval Showdown lunch – Hackney Hotel – details to follow in the new year

·         March 29/30th Trial v S.P.O.C. at Park 9 (venue tbc)

·         April 5th 1st Game for 2014


Happy Holidays

Football Operations Team (Geoff Prest, Tim Wicks, Will Thomas, Mackenzie Jarvis and Jim Parkinson)

Red Red Red

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