This Saturday sees Grant play his 300th game for the Old Reds, making him only the 6th player to reach this milestone.  Due to a broken leg in his last year at PAC, he had a year off from football.  Despite this delayed start, his career has spanned 21 seasons, with availability over recent seasons affected by his work taking him overseas regularly.  Only 4 players in the Club’s history have played more seasons of football.

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Grant England – 300th v1.0F



364      Deane A. Treloar             (27 seasons; 1958-1984)

353      Leighton A. Williams       (24 seasons; 1948-1971)

326*    Nicholas P. Sanders       (18 seasons; 1998-2000, 2002-2018*)

322      Justin M. Trim                 (22 seasons; 1992-2010, 2012, 2014 & 2016)

304      Ian A. Wallace                 (17 seasons; 1952, 1955-1970)


It has been a pleasure to play alongside Grant throughout his career.  He has always been committed to training and takes that out onto the field.  Whilst fairly quiet and unassuming off the field, his booming voice on the field is what every coach wishes all their players had.

Grant has had a few nicknames, in the early days he was known as Pommy or more commonly Grundy.  However, his entire status at the Club changed as a result of his appearance in the 2004 Miss Princes and subsequently he picked up a few new nicknames in; Hubba Bubba and Aggotts/Aggots/Agates, plus a few phrases like; the Baboon Enclosure and Release the Baboons, which were born as a result of a few of us helping him get home to his unit after the show.

Over the last decade Grundy has missed out on finals a number of times, this included three occasions where having played in the Second Semi team he was then dropped from the winning Grand Final team.  To Grundy’s credit he has taken it on the chin and always turned up to the games to support his fellow team mates and offered to help out on the sidelines.  With those experiences, plus playing in three losing Grand Finals, as one of the Club’s icons, it was awesome to see him get to taste some premiership success.

Congratulations on reaching this huge milestone Grundy, I look forward to playing a few more games alongside you in seasons to come!


Prince Alfred College 1993-1996

PAOC Football Club

21 seasons; 1998-2018

299 Games (0 A’s, 59 B’s, 182 C’s, 22 D’s, 28 E’s, 8 F’s)

2000 C Grade Vice Captain

2001 C Grade Captain

2002 C Grade Captain

2002 C Grade Best & Fairest Runner Up

2004 PAOCFC Player Life Membership (100 games)

2005 B Grade Coaches Award

2007 SAAFL Player Life Membership (150 games)

2007 B Grade Coaches Award

2009 B Grade Coaches Award

2010 C Grade Co-Vice Captain (with Christopher Mitchell & Nicholas P. Sanders)

2011 C Grade Co-Vice Captain (with Ryan T. George)

2012 C Grade Co-Vice Captain (with Ryan T. George)

2014 E Grade Coaches Award


Grand Finals

2001 C Grade Grand Final Captain (Division 10 South)

2010 D Grade Grand Final (Division C6)

2014 E Grade Grand Final (Division C3)


2009 B Grade Premiership (Division 4 Reserves)

2011 C Grade Premiership (Division C2)

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