In regards to jumper numbers for the season ahead please follow instructions below:

–       all players send an email to [email protected] with their 3 preferences for numbers, even if they think they’ve locked in a number

–       If you played majority A’s last year or anticipate playing majority A’s this year, pick from 1-30.

–       Majority B’s pick from 30-60

–       Majority C’s pick from 1-30

–       Majority D’s pick from 30-60

–       From there I will try and allocate a number to each player

–       If you wore a certain number last year you will most likely retain it

–       In the event of double ups, the number will be given to the more senior player

–       If blokes don’t care what number they have, can they still send a blank email to me so I know to assign you a number for the season.


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