Saturday 9th July 2011
Wilson Oval, St Peter’s College

PAOC Legends:  1-1  2-2  7-3  8-5  (53)
SPOC Legends:  2-2  6-3  7-4  8-5  (53)

Best:  Brenton “Cards” Cardone, Justin “Roy” Trim, Thomas “Katsy” Katsaros, Michael “Dicko” Dixon, Andrew “Apple Skin” Buttery, Anthony “Afer” Allen, Stewart “Langy” Lang, Digby “Diggers” Richards, Michael “Micky” Sanders

Goals:  Evan “Ziffel” Arnold, Roy, Langy, James “Dump Truck” Freemantle, Thomas “Twelfa” Twelftree, Christian “Macca” MacIntosh, Benjamin “Benny” Nicholls

Special Mentions:  Dump Truck, Ziffel, David “Richo” Richards

Injuries:  David “Cooky” Cook (boot), Samuel “Smarty” Smart (string, possibly because he cooled down too much, waiting for Cooky to give his boots back!)

It looked grim when, at half time, we were down by 4 goals.  But an inspiring monologue from Cooky at half time set the scene for a magnificent 3rd quarter fight back that had the Old Reds just one point down going into the final term.
In the Premiership quarter, Ziffel and Twelfa proved the perfect combination up front as they fed off a dominant mid-field, driven by Afer in Ruck and Dicko, Cards, Katsy and the Dump Truck as on-ballers.  Apple Skin was making a mockery of his age, running rings around anyone who dared to challenge him on the wing and Langy completed his card of stats with a magnificent defensive smother to set the tone for a miserly defence.
The quarter was capped off by a “timeless” goal by Macca, who obviously felt a life time of suppressed lairising needed releasing, as he sauntered into goal while the time keeper’s finger twitched over the bell.
Living as I do, by the Dirty Harry creed of “A man’s got to know his limitations”, I was happy to trust the tried and true method again at the last break, letting Cooky rip out another rev up for the lads and resigning myself to shuffling magnets.
A stirring battle to the end saw the two old enemies fight out a drawn match.
It should be noted that the second half saw the Reds score 6 goals 3 behinds to a mere 2 goals 1 behind from Saints.  Clearly the fitness gleaned from the two training runs made a massive difference to the Reds!
Well done lads – it was a joy and a privilege to be involved.

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