Eddie Update- 7/7/2016
It has been a few weeks now since the Little Eddie Fundraiser and we thought it would be a good time to provide everyone with an update on where the fundraiser got to and how Eddie is going at the moment (update from JR and Beth Thomas at the bottom of the post).
The fundraiser managed to crack the $70,000 mark with the final total at $70,371.05. Thank you to everyone who donated.
While we haven’t singled out any donations so far we couldn’t pass on acknowledging the substantial donation of Damien Lister at Get Wines Direct (https://www.getwinesdirect.com/). Thanks to James Wardle for playing a part in securing this donation as well.
Thank you to JR and Beth Thomas for providing the following update to the Reds community:
After 4 rounds of chemo, we received some great news that the cancer is reacting positively to treatment. This result ensures that we are able to continue with treatment as planned. Each round of chemo has presented significant challenges, meaning that large blocks of time have been spent living in the Women’s and Children’s. Somehow Eddie manages to bounce back from every cycle with energy.
With another 2 rounds of chemo to go, surgery is planned for Aug followed by the commencement of intensive chemo and stem cell treatment.
A tough few months ahead is expected but we look forward to informing you of positive news once we reach our next goal.
JR & Beth
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