Training as an entire club so far this pre-season has been fantastic. Numbers have continued to grow each session. It’s been great to see a mix of A grade through to E grade players. More encouraging has been the level of training, even with this varied mix.
With the first trial match 4 weeks away it’s now time to split the group into an A squad & B squad. The next month is crucial for the coaches to be able to reinforce the game style we want introduce across the club & work on game plan specifics that suit each grade.

This squad is fluid. If you didn’t make this selection don’t think that ends you’re A grade ambitions for the season. Keep training hard, keep working hard and if you deserve your chance you will get it.
For clarity, this initial squad was picked based around the following criteria:

1. Ability to play A grade football this season
2. Training performance
3. Communication of availability

If you have any questions or want any feedback at all please don’t hesitate to speak to me.
Tom Martin

1 Barnes T.
2 Braund N.
3 Brinsley T.
4 Builder J.
5 Byers J.
6 Campbell K.
7 Choimes G.
8 Clayfield D.
9 Crawford L.
10 Curyer W.
11 Ellis N.
12 Gazzola B.
13 Hall J.
14 Holmes N.
15 Hughes G.
16 Hugo W.
17 Jackman M.
18 Manning A
19 McNarmara L
20 Morrell J.
21 Morrell M.
22 Papps B.
23 Perryman A.
24 Potts S.
25 Prest James
26 Pritchard C.
27 Rees N.
28 Siebels K.
29 Thomas J.
30 Tromans R.
31 Wicks T.
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