Nick Sanders- 365 Games!

New record for most games at PAOCFC!

It will be an exciting day at Park 9 tomorrow when Nick Sanders runs out on the ground for the D Grade. The Colonel will break the all time games record!

Back in season 1981 Deane Treloar passed Leighton Williams’ 353 games, becoming the new Club games record holder.

Tomorrow, 40 years later Nick Sanders will pass Deane Treloar’s 364 games, to become the new Club games record holder.

His career has spanned 24 years, with one year playing at Berri Football Club, whilst based there with work.

The Colonel has had an amazing career for the Reds and we encourage all supporters to get to Park 9 at 1.15pm tomorrow to celebrate this achievement. 

 Nicholas P. SandersDeane A. TreloarLeighton A. Williams
Years:1998-2000, 2002-20211958-19841948-1971

aged 41
1993-1997 attended Prince Alfred College
365 games (12 A’s, 114 B’s, 171 C’s, 66 D’s, 1 E’s, 1 F’s)
Played 23 Seasons – 1998 to 2000 & 2002 to 2021
2000 Headmasters Award (for services on & off the field) [with Michael, Timothy & Steven Sanders]
2005 PAOCFC Life Member (player)
2007 B Grade Best & Fairest
2008 C Grade Premiership player [Division C4]
2008 C Grade Best & Fairest
2008 SAAFL Player Life Membership (150 games)
2009 C Grade Captain
2009 C Grade Premiership player (Captain) [Division C4]
2010 C Grade Co-Vice Captain (with Christopher Mitchell & Grant England)
2010 C Grade Premiership player [Division C3]
2011 C Grade Premiership player [Division C2]
2013 C Grade Vice Captain
2014 C Grade Premiership player [Division 8]
2018 D Grade Premiership player [Division C6]

Most Games By Brothers – 1085 games
Along with his brothers; David “The Arm”, Michael “Mick” and Timothy “Baz”, their record is double the next set of brothers.

Premiership Drought Breaker – 50 years
Along with his fellow teammates in 2008 won the C Grade’s first premiership in the side’s 50th season.
Over the previous 49 seasons The C’s had contested 14 finals campaigns, including losing 2 grand finals.

Most Premierships In-A-Row – 4 (2008, 09, 10, 11)
A record shared with Philip Raptopoulos.

Most Premierships – 6 (2008, 09, 10, 11, 14, 18)
A record shared with his brother Tim Sanders.

All 6 Grades – 1 of 10 players
When the Club fielded a 6th side in 2016 during that season, the Colonel and 8 other players; Randall Lloyd, Marcus Bernardi, Thomas E. Davies, Nicholas Pemberton, Mick Sanders, David Treloar and Nicholas Whetstone played in the F Grade and thus becoming the first players to play in all 6 grades.  Noting that in that season Thomas Ricci made his debut at the Club in the F Grade and after climbing the grades, joined them in a unique “reverse” when he played his first A Grade game in 2018.

Four Decades – 1 of 10 players
The Colonel is amongst 10 players whose careers have spanned 4 decades; Leighton Williams (40/50/60/70’s), Deane Treloar (50/60/70/80’s), John Easling (70/80/90/00’s), Peter Carter (70/80/90/10’s), Antony Brabham & Marcus Bernardi (80/90/00/10’s), Andrew Heitmann (5 decades 80/90/00/10/20’s), Nick Sanders, Tim Sanders & with Mick Sanders to join them tomorrow (90/00/10/20’s).

The Next Record … 400?
Currently 40 players have played 366 or more games for the SAAFL/AdFL, with 30 of them having played 400.
Colonel says he loves playing footy for the Club and as long as one of his brothers continues to play, then so will he.

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