In previous seasons there has been some confusion about whether there is an insurance policy to cover players in the event they get injured. There was a policy in place through JLT Insurance that covered only a very small portion of medical costs, after private health cover, however feedback on this was providing minimal to no benefit so we have not renewed it for 2014.

The Committee would like to remind players that responsibility for taking out insurance cover for medical and income protection rests with the individual player and that the Club does not have an Insurance policy to cover players in the event they get injured while playing.

To do this would come at a large cost to the Club and would result in a massive increase in subs. The committee strongly recommends every player review their private health insurance level of cover before committing to playing to ensure the player has adequate cover in the event they suffer an injury. The Club is not in a position to cover any medical costs players may incur whilst playing.

We also recommend all working players take out or review any income protection cover should the player be unable to work due to injury.

If you have any queries please speak to one of Michael Siciliano, Geoff Prest or Jim Parkinson.

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