The Club has decided it is in its best interest, that the competitions the D and E Grade play in be swapped.

As of this Saturday the D Grade will play in the DivC2 comp and the E Grade team will play in the Div8R comp.

In 2014 the E Grade was founded with the goal of giving the extra 10-15 players a game that would have otherwise missed out with four teams. To fill the side we topped it up with older players who were limited in their training attendance but still keen for the odd game through the year.

In 2015 we have found this group of 10-15 players has grown to 20-30 players. The Committee feels players who show a commitment to training and the Club should be rewarded with a game each week and thus the top up players will not be required to the level they were last season.

After assessing the standard of the two competitions (DivC2 and Div8R) and seeking advice from the SAAFL we believe it is in the best interests of the Club to switch the two teams. In doing so we believe the D Grade will be playing against better sides each week thus improving their football and the E Grade will be placed in a comp where they are likely to be more competitive without the use of top up players.

The results in the first two rounds have had no impact on this decision.

The D Grade will be selected on merit and commitment to the Club as will the E Grade. If required the E Grade will be topped up with lads that want a kick and a catch but for whatever reason are unable to commit to training etc.

From time to time there will be A and B Grade players returning from injury that may be selected in the D Grade to “give them a run”.

The Club would like to express our thanks to those lads who are accustom to playing in higher grades that played in the E Grade last weekend.

Prince Alfred Old Collegians Football Club

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