The A Grade are into the Division 1 Grand Final after a gutsy 7 point win at Payneham Oval on Saturday! It was a fierce contest from start to finish with the Reds grabbing back the lead late in the last quarter and holding on for a famous victory in front of a large crowd!

Unfortunately, the news was not as good for the B and C Grade who had their seasons ended. The B Grade looked like they might hold on for a victory but were cruelly denied the win with a long kick at goal late in the game bouncing through.

The C Grade battled hard all day but could not get enough scoreboard pressure on Adelaide University.

The A Grade have the week off as we await the winner of the Payneham v Rostrevor OC clash this week. Book Saturday 21st September in your diary now and come support the Reds in the Division 1 Grand Final!

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
A Grade 0.7 2.11 4.13 7.15 57
PNU 1.3 1.8 5.12 6.14 50

Goal Kickers: D. Clayfield 2, C. Wildman, C. Pitt, T. Bartlett, J. Pitt, B. O”Donohue
Best Players: J. Graetz, C. Pitt, M. Wicks, W. Dalwood, C. Riggs, T. Brinsley

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
B Grade 4.2 6.2 9.3 10.8 68
Henley 0.0 5.2 8.3 11.5 71

Goal Kickers: T. Humphries 3, N. Pattiaratchi 2, B. Papps, E. Murdoch, L. Bartlett, N. Blanch, W. Curyer
Best Players: T. Humphries, W. Curyer, B. Papps, W. Brennan, L. Crawford, R. Robinson

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
C Grade 0.0 1.1 3.1 5.3 33
Adelaide Uni 1.3 4.4 6.6 9.7 61

Goal Kickers: T. Markou 3, W. Daniel, E. Wildman
Best Players: T. Markou, B. Henderson, I. Mantovan, D. Mosey, S. Adkins, E. Wildman

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