3 wins from 4 games for the Reds at the weekend.

A Grade


Goal Kickers: J. Pitt 3, T. Bartlett 3, J. Trengove 2, T. Fisher 2, M. Wicks 2, M. Larsson 2, C. Pitt, B. O’Donohue
Best Players: C. Pritchard, T. Spanovskis, W. Dalwood, J. Trengove, O. Clarke, T. Bartlett

B Grade


Goal Kickers: D. Giles 2, B. Young, J. Perks
Best Players: W. Clarke, B. Young, J. Neal, R. Porter, A. Rasheed

C Grade


Goal Kickers: E. Wildman 2, I. Mantovan 2, P. Rossi, C. Short, B. Coles, F. Drogemuller
Best Players: H. Porter, B. Henderson, T. Gray, C. Short, J. Kent, J. Lovell

D Grade

Port District2.

Goal Kickers: H. Greenslade 3, W. Hugo 3, J. Morrell 2, T. Phillips, T. Schaefer, S. Tyndall, C. Grace
Best Players: B. Page, T. Archer, M. Lowe, H. Greenslade, D. Mosey, H. Hockney

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