The Reds kicked off the season with 2 wins from 4 games. The A and D Grade both had big victories while the B and C Grade unfortunately couldn’t get up in their fixtures.

All attention turns to SPOC this week. All four grades are playing against SPOC at home. The A, B and C Grade will be on the Front Oval while the D Grade will be at Park 9.

Round 1 Results

A Grade

Port District1.

Goal Kickers: T. Brazel 2, C. Pitt, T. Bartlett, H. Jolly, J. Pitt, B. O’Donohue, T. Humphries, J. Trengove
Best Players: C. Giles, T. Humphries, L. McNamara, J. Trengove, A. Perryman, L. Charlton

B Grade

Port District1.

Goal Kickers: W. Altmann 2
Best Players: W. Altmann, T. Spanovskis, L. Bartlett, B. Siebels, O. Collison, M. Burford

C Grade

Port District1.

Goal Kickers: P. Rossi, W. Linke, H. Chapman, H. Collison
Best Players: M. Drogemuller, H. Collison, C. Short, P. Rossi, H. Porter, B. Coles

D Grade

Rostrevor OC0.

Goal Kickers: J. Fyfe 5, B. O”Brien 2, B. Reynolds 2, M. Siciliano
Best Players: J. Thredgold, J. Fyfe, S. Brennan, B. O”Brien, S. Prentice, H. Ragenovich

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