No Round 12 Review last week, so here are the results;

A Grade
PAOC:  10-6  (66)
Port District:  14-14  (84)
Goals:  James R Thomas 4, Ryan Byrne 3, Tim Nicholls 2, Lachlan Sandow 1
Best:  Matt Watson, Nick Rees, Luke Saltmarsh, James Dalwood, Tom Brinsley

B Grade
PAOC:  2-4  4-9  5-10  9-10  (64)
Port District:  0-1  1-2  3-5  5-6  (36)
Goals:  Nick Pemberton 2, Nick Blanch 2, Fergus Kiley 2, Campbell Rawson 2, Jase Schell 1
Best:  Tom Perks, Matt Rohde, Lucas Lovell, Josh Hall, Tom Teague

C Grade
PAOC:  2-1  5-7  8-11  12-13  (85)
Port District:  2-2  5-2  6-3  6-4  (40)
Goals:  Cormac Byrne 5, Brandon Kerin 2, Josh Morrell 1, Tim Sanders 1, Tyson Smith 1, John Waltham 1, Tom Booth 1
Best:  Tom Haylock, Alfie Brown, Ryan Winter, Tim Sanders, Tyson Smith

D Grade
PAOC:  0-0  2-2  3-5  3-7  (25)
Mawson Lakes:  3-2  4-6  6-10  7-11  (53)
Goals:  Nick Brooks 2, Will Farminer 1
Best:  Will Ellison, Jesse Fyfe, Sam Barton, Alex Butenko, Jarrad Goulding
The D’s travelled to the Levels to take on Mawson Lakes, who were sitting two spots below us in 5th spot.  Many of the lads weren’t very keen to leave the change rooms due to the wet weather.  The opposition handled the conditions much better, which put a great deal of pressure on or defence.
Considering the loss of two regular key defenders, our half back line did well throughout the match, preventing the margin blowing out.  Barton and Fyfe were the main contributors up back with Butenko continuing to improve in his new defensive role.
With the absence of Coop and Brabham, Breals said a few lads would have to stand up.  Sykes took this to heart, playing a hard brand of footy and his best game of the season, giving us some strength in the guts.  Ellison handled the conditions well, getting plenty of the ball, but needs to ensure he hits a target.
Throughout the game the Reds struggled with the conditions and this was most noticeable up forward.  Despite some good drive from the half back line, the Reds were either not in front or were not willing to be first to the ball when it hit the ground.
Whilst we were never too far behind, Mawson Lakes continued to extend their lead slowly throughout the game.  The final result being an eight goal turn around from our clash in round 3.
As a result we have moved below SHOC on percentage, which means the round 13 match will decide who will hold 3rd spot and retain the double chance come finals.
Lesson from the weekend:  if you are not willing to train when it is wet, then you can’t expect to win games when it is wet.

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