No Round 14 Review last week, so here are the results;

A Grade 
PAOC:  3.4  5.7  6.8  7.10  (52)
Payneham NU:  4.2  6.8  10.10  15.12  (102)
Best: Will Hugo, Tom Barnes, Paul Rogan, Simon Goss, George Choimes
Goals: Paul Rogan 2, Will Hugo 1, Seb Moroney 1, Ryan Byrne 1, Matt Watson 1, Daniel Fry 1
Probably not a lot to report about from Saturday’s game.  I have no problem with the commitment of the players, nor their effort or attitude – it is simply a situation where injuries have derailed the on field success of both the A & B grade teams.
This game followed a similar pattern to the past 4 weeks where we have started the games well, and were within a winning position at half time but just ran out of fitness.  Although it is now round 14 and you would expect players to be at peak fitness too many of our players are coming off long term injuries and are being rushed back into senior footy while many others have been playing B grade where the game is shorter & easier.  This doesn’t mean we are hiding behind injuries as our reason for losing games, it is the reality of how we have run out of players ready to play Senior footy.  It doesn’t mean we have given up – the boys are still training hard, remaining enthusiastic at training and have a belief that we can still win every game we play.  While we can maintain this attitude we will always be a chance, and our efforts in the last 5 weeks prove that we can match it with the other teams – just not for long enough.
Having said that we had too many passengers on Saturday – and when your depth is at full stretch we cannot afford for any players to have a bad day and unfortunately we had more than our share of those.  However, the efforts of Will Hugo, Tom Barnes, Paul Rogan, Simon Goss & George Choimes shouldn’t be ignored – these 5 kept us in the game in the 1st half but just didn’t get enough consistent support to put us in a winning position.  We are struggling to kick goals and this pressure wears down our backline and when we start to tire physically we really tire mentally and this is when we can’t match the other teams.
We will continue to work hard, remain structured & disciplined and find improvement in every player available so we can consolidate in Div 2.

B Grade
PAOC:  0.1  4.7  5.8  8.9  (57)
Payneham NU:  4.5  5.7  12.8  18.12  (120)
Best: Tom Perks, Fergus Kiley, Joseph Du Rieu, Randall Lloyd, Matt Davis
Goals: Will Latchford 2, Nick Blanch 2, Nick Pemberton 1, Fergus Kiley 1, Tim Boucaut, Alfie Brown 1
Report:  not submitted

C Grade
PAOC:  6.4  10.4  14.6  18.9  (117)
Payneham NU:  0.1  2.1  4.4  6.4  (40)
Best: Michael Siciliano, Sam Richardson, Ryan Winter, Nick Sanders, Josh Morrell
Goals: Michael Siciliano 4, John Waltham 2, Tom Booth 2, Ryan Winter 2, Josh Morrell 2, Nick Girdler 2, Anthony Allen 1, Grant England 1, Matthew Noblet 1, Nick Sanders 1
A good win for the C grade following a disappointing 6 point defeat the previous week to SPOC.  We did not beat much opposition but it was good to see that we can bring players up from the D grade and still be competitive and play our brand of footy that we have trained for.
We play ROCS, Iggies and Ovingham in the next 3 weeks, all three clubs will be playing finals so our finals start early and we can get some good preparation completed during this time.
The Pres played his best game for the year kicking 4 goals in the first half and deserved his status as BOG.  Sam Richardson was running off the halfback line and sticking his marks and got some confidence back.
Colonel continued his good vein of recent form and provided a lot of drive also off half back he even snuck forward for a goal.
I thought that both Wints and Mozzie provided a lot of drive through the midfield.  Mozzie is releshing the fact that he can run all day and is getting his opportunity with the injuries and hence less rotations and is really showing us what he is capable of.
The next 3 weeks will really tell us where we are at before we start finals as we are now 2 games clear of 3rd place with 3 games to go so we need to keep our double chance by winning at least 1 of these games during that period as we have pretty good percentage as well up our sleeve.

D Grade
PAOC:  0.0  0.1  1.3  2.6  (18)
SMOSH West Lakes:  3.5  8.9  13.13  18.14  (122)
Best: Will Farminer, Nick Brooks, Sam Wood, David Gerner, Pat Whitford
Goals: Nick Brooks 1, Jaden Dinale 1
After some urgent phone calls on Friday and Saturday we were able field a team of 19 to take on SMOSH who had the luxury of their C grade having a bye so were able to play a fairly strong D team with 6 C graders playing.  All players must be congratulated with their effort and discipline over the 4 quarters.  A big THANKS to David Gerner, Lauchie Bartlett and Tom Philips for playing their 1st games for the club this year.  We played the game out to the best of our ability with some excellent work in defence by Will Farminer and Pat Whitford.  Nic Brooks was the best of our forwards but was unable to do it all on his own.  At quick count we should get around 8 players back this week so we can start planning our finals assault.

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