No Round 15 Review last week, so here are the results;

A Grade
PAOC:  8.5  (53)
Rostrevor OC:  15.14  (102)
Best: Jarrod Bucley, Jarrad Byrne, Will Hugo, Paul Rogan, Tom Barnes
Goals: Lachlan Sandow 3, Paul Rogan 2, Andrew Phillips 1, Ryan Byrne 1, Tim Nicholls 1
Report: not submitted

B Grade
PAOC:  3.2  (20)
Rostrevor OC:  19.13  (127)
Best: Fergus Kiley, Tom Perks, Nick Pemberton, Jase Schell, Matt Davis
Goals: James Prest 2, Josh Morrell 1
Report:  not submitted

C Grade
PAOC:  12.13  (85)
Rostrevor OC:  5.9  (39)
Best: Ryan George, Alfie Brown, Alex Bond, Tim Sanders, Dan Romano
Goals: Will Farminer 4, John Waltham 3, Cameron Lynch 2, Philip Raptopoulos 1, Seb Richards 1, Jesse Fyfe 1
Report:  not submitted

D Grade
PAOC:  5.5  (35)
Flinders Park:  21.17  (143)
Best: Max Burford, Alex Butenko, Charlie Olsson, Will noblett, Will Wood
Goals: Max Burford 4, Nick Brooks 1
Taking on the 2nd top team on Saturday proved too much for the mighty D Power.  Our control of the footy by hand and foot too often missed the mark resulting in Flinders Park having too many opportunities to intercept and take the footy from us.  We battled the game out to the very end and had some very good efforts during the game.  Flinders Park had a very good half forward flanker who was running a muck in the first half.  Will Wood stood next to him for the rest of the game like a human blanket and shut him out of the game.  We struggled to get any quick planned attack going forward and it was left to Max Burford to be the main focus in attack he finished with 4 goals.  Others that worked extremely hard for the entire game were Will Noblett, Alex Butenko and James Murdoch.  We must now regroup get out on the training track with a real focus on how we can improve come finals.

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