Disappointing day down at Largs Reserve yesterday with the A and B Grade both falling short against Port District. Better news for the C and D Grade both secured wins against quality opposition.

Ladies day becomes a must win fixture for our A and B Grade this week. We are off to a slower than expected start but the boys are keen to turn things around this week and get the season back on track.

Reminder to all supporters about two big events this week as well:

Friday Night- Player Auction at the Hackney Hotel from 6.30pm.

Saturday- Ladies Day at Park 9 from 12.30pm.

A Grade

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
PAOCFC 2.3 2.3 4.7 6.9 45
Port District 1.2 4.4 5.6 8.12 60


Goal Kickers: T. Bartlett 2, A. Perryman, B. Coles, T. Humphries, N. Krakouer
Best Players: C. Graetz, T. Brinsley, D. Clayfield, M. Wicks, H. Latchford, T. Fisher

B Grade

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
PAOCFC 0.2 1.3 2.11 4.13 37
Port District 1.2 3.2 6.3 8.7 55


Goal Kickers: W. Curyer 2, C. Short, B. Siebels
Best Players: B. Papps, O. Collison, W. Hudson, W. Curyer, T. Ricci

C Grade

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
PAOCFC 3.4 6.4 7.7 12.7 79
Port District 0.1 2.4 5.7 7.9 51


Goal Kickers: J. Castree 5, H. Collison 2, H. Barnes 2, T. Burfield, J. Fyfe, C. Hall
Best Players: J. Castree, H. Barnes, T. Spanovskis, A. Parkinson, R. Johnston, H. Chapman

D Grade

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
PAOCFC 3.4 5.6 9.7 15.8 98
North Haven 2.3 4.5 6.5 6.7 43


Goal Kickers: H. Bilyk 5, J. Kent 3, S. Tyndall 2, B. Weidenhofer 2, W. Farminer, W. Wongprasert, G. Choimes
Best Players: G. Choimes, T. Simpson, J. Vass, H. Bilyk, A. Brown, T. Kirkham

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