The A Grade made it 5 wins from 5 games with a strong win at Unley. All other grades moved to 4 wins and 1 loss for the year to cement an impressive start to the 2021 season for the Club.

A Grade


Goal Kickers: T. Bartlett 3, T. Brazel 3, H. Barry 3, J. Garrels, L. McNamara, O. Clarke, B. O’Donohue, A. Perryman, T. Fisher
Best Players: M. Wicks, L. Charlton, L. McNamara, O. Clarke, T. Bartlett, J. Trengove

B Grade


Goal Kickers: L. Bartlett 4, C. Short 2, M. Burford 2, H. Chapman, M. Larsson, J. Perks, S. Quaini
Best Players: R. Porter, N. Howe, J. Perks, L. Bartlett, M. Larsson, J. Neal

C Grade


Goal Kickers: E. Collison 4, W. Brennan 4, I. Mantovan 4, N. Blanch 2, W. Swale, A. Davidson, W. Hudson, W. Clarke, T. Gray, D. Mosey, H. Collison, B. Page, B. Coles
Best Players: W. Brennan, I. Mantovan, H. Klenk, W. Gerard, W. Clarke, H. Porter

D Grade

Old Ignatians1.

Goal Kickers: B. Reynolds 3, C. Archer 2, J. Fyfe, F. Drogemuller, M. Treloar
Best Players: F. Drogemuller, M. Faull, C. Archer, S. Brennan, H. Greenslade, B. Reynolds

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