The A Grade pulled off a memorable victory on Saturday with a Tom Bartlett goal 12 seconds from the end grabbing the win!

Great results for all other grades as well with 4 wins from 4 games for the Club.


A Grade

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
PAOCFC 0.1 6.4 11.5 14.7 91
Payneham NU 2.5 5.7 8.13 12.16 88


Goal Kickers: T. Bartlett 4, D. Clayfield 4, C. Pritchard, O. Collison, T. Humphries, C. Riggs, H. Latchford, O. Clarke
Best Players: D. Clayfield, T. Bartlett, T. Brinsley, C. Riggs, C. Graetz, A. Perryman

B Grade

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
PAOCFC 3.3 7.5 9.10 15.13 103
Payneham NU 4.2 5.3 8.6 9.7 61


Goal Kickers: C. Short 3, N. Clayfield 3, J. Castree 2, L. Bartlett 2, W. Curyer, B. Papps, S. Buckham, W. Hudson, T. Ricci
Best Players: C. Edmonds, B. Papps, T. Gray, A. Rasheed, J. Lang, S. Buckham

C Grade

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
PAOCFC 5.7 9.7 14.13 15.20 110
Payneham NU 0.1 3.3 4.3 5.4 34


Goal Kickers: H. Barnes 3, M. Treloar 2, J. Fyfe 2, J. Daly 2, A. Parkinson, C. Hall, J. Ma, J. Nicholas, H. Collison, I. Mantovan
Best Players: I. Mantovan, J. Daly, A. Parkinson, C. Burfield, H. Collison, W. Burfield

D Grade

No game, forfeit win over Edwardstown

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