The A Grade secured a come from behind victory against Port District to secure their spot in the finals (and top 3) on Saturday. Down by 21 points at half time, and with the knowledge a loss would see them fall out of the finals race, the side played one of their best second halfs on the season.

Lachie McNamara sparked the side in the third quarter and Jake Pitt (7 goals) was the star up forward.

The B Grade secured an unlikely finals berth, defeating 3rd place Port District to jump into 5th spot. Brendan Papps led the way for the side and Jock Piper got 3 goals.

The C Grade secured the minor premiership with an impressive win over Port District. The team has been the standout performer in C1 so far this year and will enter the finals full of confidence.

The D Grade started finals and moved into week 2 with a hard fought 34 point win over Rostrevor OC. They play Tea Tree Gully next week in another knock out final.

Port District2.

Goal Kickers: J. Pitt 7, W. Dalwood 2, B. O’Donohue 2, O. Clarke, L. McNamara, C. Wildman, T. Fisher
Best Players: J. Pitt, L. McNamara, T. Bartlett, W. Dalwood, J. Stephens, R. Robinson

B Grade

Port District3.

Goal Kickers: J. Piper 3, B. Papps 3, I. Mantovan 2, O. Bernardi, L. Bartlett, M. Burford
Best Players: B. Papps, J. Piper, B. Siebels, B. Henderson, C. Pritchard, T. Spanovskis

C Grade

Port District1.

Goal Kickers: W. Curyer 3, F. Drogemuller 2, H. Collison 2, P. Rossi, W. Thompson, W. Hudson
Best Players: W. Hudson, W. Curyer, W. Clarke, H. Collison, P. Rossi, H. Porter

D Grade

Rostrevor OC2.

Goal Kickers: J. Thomas 4, K. Siebels 4, J. Fyfe, J. Christensen, A. Francis, M. Bidstrup, D. Hall
Best Players: N. Martin, K. Siebels, T. Vasileff, W. Hugo, J. Fyfe, T. Phillips

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