A great day for the “Old Reds” yesterday 5 wins and confirmation that all 5 teams will play finals footy in 2014,it is quite possible that all teams will finish in the top 3. Yes, we have had all teams in the finals before this year but never before have we fielded 5 teams let alone had 5 teams in the finals. A huge congratulations to the 196 players that have pulled on the “Reds” guernsey so far this season.

Today is the start of the next stage of the 2014 season, lets make the most of what has been an amazing minor round so far. There is 3(A and B grade) and 2(C,D and E grade)games until finals, if you have any injury issues get them treated and if you want to be considered for finals selection get on the track.

We want to field the best teams possible. We have an opportunity to make 2014 a very special year for the P.A.O.C.F.C, we need all players and all supporters on board to make this happen.
Get on board – We need you.

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