In order to maximise the available space to all grades when training the football committee and senior coaching group have decided the following will be the training set up for the 2016 season:
Tuesday Night: A and B grade Squad Only
Wednesday Night: C and D Grade and any E and F Graders wanting to train.
Thursday Night: A, B, C and D Grade.
We are committed to maintaining a strong connection between grades despite the split training. As part of this a member of the A and B Grade Coaching panel will attend every Wednesday session.
We are confident we will find a number of future A graders in current C and D grade groups, therefore, a great deal of importance will be placed on the Wednesday night sessions.
Until further notice everyone will train from 6pm on Monday and Wednesday at Park 9 and 8am on Saturday morning at venues tba.
Season Start Dates
The round 1 games are A, B and D grade (Div 1, 1res and C1) April 16th, C and E grade (Div 7 and 7res) April 2nd and F grade (Div C3) April 9th with trials starting on March 19th.
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