• Stays on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday until Tuesday, March 6th
• The Wednesday session for the C and D grade (and any A and B graders that can’t train Tuesday’s) start on Wednesday, March 28th

• Friday, March 9th v Norwood at Norwood Oval starts at 7.15pm – A and B grade squad
• Saturday, March 17th v Brighton 2 trials at Aldi Arena (Thebbie) 1st trial (A squad) starts at 7.10pm, 2nd trial starts (all other grades) at 8.50pm.
• Saturday, March 24th v SPOC 2 trial at Aldi Arena (Thebbie) 1st trial (B, C and D grade squad) at 12.30pm 2nd trial (A grade squad) starts at 2.10pm We are planning an onsite (Thebbie) camp for the A and B grade for this day, details to be confirmed
• Saturday, March 31st Easter Saturday – No trials
• Saturday, April 7th
o A, B and C grade Full rehearsal for rd. 1 (Athelstone at Athelstone) v Goodwood Saints 3 trials at Goodwood 10.15am C grade, 12.15pm B grade, 2.15pm A grade
o D grade rd. 1 v Rostrevor OC at Fox Field Oval 82 Maryvale Rd Athelstone at 2.15pm.
• Saturday, April 14th
o A, B and C grade Rd 1 v Athelstone
o D grade Rd 2

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