Message from Club Coach Craig Pitt:

Firstly I can’t say how proud I am of the way we have trained and applied ourselves over the pre pre-season as it will turn out to be. Having numbers over 50 and 60 on a consistent basis has really created a great environment and feeling around the club. I think the most disappointment I have in all of this is for the guys that have trained almost every session and improved out of sight – wont be rewarded for all the work you have put in until later in the year.

Obviously with the news just coming out of the June 13th start date, that momentum we have been building towards round one will take a bit of a hit. However, I think the group is definitely strong enough and determined enough to use this time to regroup and come back bigger and stronger for a shortened season.

As we have seen over the past weeks and more recently the last few days, the situation with Coronavirus is forever changing.

With this in mind we will take a 4 week break from training as a group before re assessing the situation on the 18th of April.

I will be posting a training program for those wanting to undertake over the next 4-6 week period. I would encourage all A and B grade players to complete the program to some extent as we have worked too hard as a group to let all the fitness work fade over a 4 week period. In saying this, it is important to refresh mentally so I will leave it up to each individual to find that balance.

If in 4 weeks time we are confident the season is going to advance as of June 13, we will use the next 2 weeks to get back into training (likely in small groups of 5-10 during the week and a group on weekends) just to get used to kicking and handballing again to sharpen up our ball skills. Following this 2 week period we will recommence as a full squad going into round 1.

This is a challenging time for many people as Football brings such enjoyment, mate ship and competition as well as being an outlet from the daily grind for others. Its important we all stay upbeat and positive because we deserve to do well when the season comes around.

If anyone has any questions please let me know. Otherwise happy to open up for discussion on this post for the players that may be uncertain about things. If you do not feel comfortable speaking on a group forum or you just want to chat at any stage please do not hesitate to contact me on 0429805020.


Craig Pitt

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