The splitting into 2 groups at training tonight is the ideal time to advise everyone of the training structure for 2015.
The A grade training will be taken by,
Tom Martin, Gavin Hughes and Drew Clayfield
The other group will be taken by
Russell Brealey and Antony Brabham – overseeing and helping where needed
Training and drills will be run and controlled by,
Matt Jackman, Matt Rohde and Nick Martin.
The logic behind Rohdey, Jacko and Nick taking the drills is so the other group will train the same way,do the same drills and have the same method as the A grade.
Added to this at various stages during the year one of Tom Martin, Gavin Hughes and Drew Clayfield will take a session or run a drill or two for the other squad.
This is by no means to take away from our major goal in 2015 which is to have ultimate success with the A grade,having said that we are all in this together,whether you are the 1st picked in the A’s or the last picked in the E’s,every team and every player matters in our Club.
Tom Martin suggested we start the A grade coaching group involvement with the other group tonight.
So tonight’s training plan is,
6:00 – 6:20 – All start together with Gavin as usual
6:20 – 6:50 – A grade running block G.H.and D.C. / B group ball work T.M. M.R.and N.M.
6:50 – 7:30 – B group running block / warm down M.R. and N.M.
6:50 – 7:50 – A grade ball work / warm down T.M. G.H. and D.C.
Geoff Prest and James Parkinson

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