To All Players,

A couple of key instructions for training this week (June 1 2020):

  1. Get in and get out- there will be no access to change rooms at training so please ensure you come dressed to train. Limited access allowed for use of toilets and emergency medical treatment.
  2. Go immediately to your training zone on arrival. Don’t socialise on the side of the ground waiting for others to turn up.
  3. Post training please immediately exit the venue.

There are several other protocols to be followed but we wanted to get some key messages out prior to the first session. Coaches are well educated on training protocols and will provide further instruction as we train.

We strongly encourage players to watch the attached video provided by the SANFL detailing training protocols.

We appreciate this will all be a challenge and your efforts to observe the above requirements will be greatly appreciated. It is vital we get this right to do our part for the return of the footy season.

Committee members will be present at all training to assist with any queries you may have.

Michael Siciliano

On behalf of PAOCFC Committee

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