The following are the arrangements for tonight and tomorrow.
A and B grade squad to be at Thebbie at 6pm, please bring – swag, pillow, mattress if necessary, toiletries, playing jumper, new training jumper and the gear Brett listed. Internal trial starts at 10.50 tomorrow. All squad members are expected to be at Thebbie tonight.
C, D, E and F grade trial v Uni everyone that wants a game please be at Thebbie at 8.30. Please remember to bring your playing jumper.
Playing jumpers, training kits, polo shirts, new caps will be available at Thebarton tonight and tomorrow. Playing jumper $50 (refundable) Training kit (warm up tee and training guernsey) $50 when paid for with subs, Subs $240.
Communication Care Responsibility Respect

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