200 Games for Tyson (Rainman) Smith this week. The 3 time Premiership and 4 x A Grade match day player brings up the milestone in the D Grade at Park 10 this Saturday. On behalf of everyone at the Club, congratulations Tyson on this achievement.
D Grade Coaches Scot Tyndall and Nick Pemberton have both posted tributes to the great man below as well as Tyson’s own reflections on a 2007 season and what could have been and the fire that cut it short (read on, it is worth it).
199 Games (4 A’s, 59 B’s, 68 C’s, 26 D’s, 40 E’s, 2 F’s)

16 Seasons; 2004-2019

2009 B Grade Premiership

2010 C Grade Premiership

2011 C Grade Premiership

2011 PAOCFC Life Membership

2014 E Grade Vice Captain

2015 SAAFL Player Life Membership (150 games)

A Grade Career Cut Short- The 2007 Season On reviewing his games summary from Andrew Heitmann Tyson noted his promising A Grade career was halted in the 2007 season by an unfortunate incident. Feeling on top of the world with his A Grade form Tyson felt he could jump over anything that year including a bonfire one night. After removing his thongs to avoid slipping, and his highly flammable shirt, Tyson took a long run up to make his jump only to tumble at the crucial moment and enter the fire arms first.His non sympathetic friends kindly dialled 000 and the ambulance would find him running through farmland screaming in agony. A call was required Monday morning after surgery to the coach to inform him he would miss a fair chunk of the season. One of the better items to appear on the Tuesday injury report over the years and created the temporary nickname “Smith’s Crisps”.
“Congratulations on the 200 Tys! I reckon at least 150 of them would have to have included a good old fashioned “Bloody hell Smithy!” from Marshy on the sidelines, followed by a spray at each break! A great bloke to play alongside, a bad bloke to coach when not selected and a terrible bloke to try and understand after a few frothies – Rainman!!!!! Wears his heart on his sleeve, and often goes over the top with his carry on at seemingly bad decisions by umpires, featuring a jump and high pitch squeal added to the routine a few weeks ago. Go well on Saturday mate – I’ll even let you flip the coin this time!”Nick Pemberton- D Grade Coach
“Across 200 games I think Tyson has played just about every position on the field however it is the midfield he rates himself the highest and the coaches tend to rate him the lowest.
Often referring to himself as a hard nosed inside mid the jury is well and truly still debating that one. One thing for sure is these days his kicks barely travel 30m and he is definitely not as fast as he used to be.
Probably play his best footy across half back where he consistently recalls the times he linked up with (insert club legend) with a crafty handball.
Congratulations on the 200 games Smithy.”
Scot Tyndall- D Grade Coach

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